On Thu, 2016-07-14 at 18:46 +0530, Madusudanan.B.N wrote:
> I installed postgres beta 2 using the RPM provided here for Cent OS.
> Based on this article I was trying to set *max_parallel_degree*, but
> postgres complained that there was no such config variable. But I was able
> to set *max_parallel_workers_per_gather* and test things for parallel
> sequential scan

That article seems to be pre-beta2. The name of the parameter was changed to
max_parallel_workers_per_gather, so what you did was correct.

> I have a hunch that I have installed a previous beta version i.e beta 1,
> but *Select version()* reported that I was using 9.6beta2 only.

What makes you feel like you have beta1 installed? Can I get the output of:

rpm -qa|grep postgresql

> What have I done wrong ?
> 1) The RPM file that I downloaded has 9.6 beta 1. Name is mentioned as
> pgdg-redhat96-9.6-1.noarch.rpm.

This is *not* PostgreSQL version -- this is the repository RPM only.

> 2) Should beta2 built only from source ? If the RPM is beta 1 why is the
> server version reporting as beta2 ?

See above.


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