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> Currently, if you run pg_xlogdump with -f, you have to specify an end
> position in an existing file, or if you don't it will only follow until the
> end of the current file.
> That seems like an oversight - if you specify -f with no end position, it
> should follow "into the future" for any new files that appear. This allows
> us to track what's happening properly.
> AFAICT the actual code tracks this just fine, but the option parsing
> prevents this from happening as it does not allow the end pointer to be
> unset. Attach patch fixes this and makes it follow "forever" if you specify
> -f without an end pointer.
> I'd appreciate a review of that by someone who's done more work on the
> xlog stuff, but it seems trivial to me. Not sure I can argue it's a bugfix
> though, since the usecase simply did not work...

Good thinking.

Patch looks good, but not tested. Needs comment on the second chunk.

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