Tom Lane wrote:
> Albe Laurenz <> writes:
>> I just noticed that the documentation for CREATE FUNCTION still mentions
>> that the temporary namespace is searched for functions even though that
>> has been removed with commit aa27977.
> The example you propose to correct was introduced by that same commit,
> which should make you think twice about whether it really was invalidated
> by that commit.

Yes, I wondered about that.

> I believe the reason for forcing pg_temp to the back of the path is to
> prevent unqualified table names from being captured by pg_temp entries.
> This risk exists despite the rule against searching pg_temp for functions
> or operators.  A maliciously named temp table could at least prevent
> a security definer function from doing what it was supposed to, and
> could probably hijack control entirely via triggers or rules.
> Possibly the documentation should be more explicit about why this is
> being done, but the example code is good as-is.

Maybe something like the attached would keep people like me from
misunderstanding this.

Laurenz Albe

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