> In other words, there's no theoretical reason you couldn't have adapt
> a JVM to create a large shared memory segment using mmap or SysV
I  think  even  if  I  was  the  leader in OS development, I could not
correctly answer your question.
So just let discuss.
Ok, I agree with you that there is no " theoretical reason "
But  in  practice  I  think  the  main  reason  that OS(VM) developers
implement this things differently.

>there's no theoretical reason you couldn't
Why does Os developers make threads?
If there is no reason the use of thread just waste?
Why do most(any) common web server or balancer use thread?
May be they are bad theoretical?
and so on

But to be more constructive.
I  just  don't know  how to make between process things that we can easily do
between threads, in most os.

I don't know how to share mutable execution code.
so i just cant imagine how to implement
in optimal way.

I  don't understand why mutex has overhead compare to critical section
for windows.

And so on.

So  I  think  as long as  process and thread have different function in OS,
use process like thread will have overhead in practice.

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