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> On 7/19/16 10:00 AM, Magnus Hagander wrote:
> > What could actually be useful there is to explicitly put hostnossl on
> > the localhost entries. With the current defaults on the clients, that
> > wouldn't break anything, and it would leave people without the
> > performance issues that you run into in the default deployments. And for
> > localhost it really does't make sense to encrypt -- for the local LAN
> > segment that can be argued, but for localhost...
> But even on localhost you ideally want a way to confirm that the server
> you are connecting to is the right one, so you might want certificates.
> Plus the server might want certificates from the clients.  (See also the
> occasional discussion about supporting SSL over Unix-domain sockets.)
There are definitely cases where it's useful. I'm only arguing for changing
the default.

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