> Tom is right here.  log_duration _just_ prints the duration, so we would
> need to basically create a merged param that does log_duration and
> log_statement and have it activate only if the statement takes more than
> X milliseconds, something like log_long_statement, or something like
> that.
> Here are the log_* params we have:
>       log_connections = false
>       log_hostname = false
>       log_source_port = false
>       log_pid = false
>       log_statement = false
>       log_duration = false
>       log_timestamp = false

OK, while I'm doing all this benchmarking and stuff - is there any sort of
option where I can see it logged when a sort doesn't have enought sort
memory and hence hits the disk?  eg. an elog(LOG) is emitted?


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