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>> Why only for back-branches? Do you have better solution for head?
> Yes, I mentioned an idea upthread to set up the minimum recovery point
> saved in the backup to the last replayed LSN. Though that's not
> acceptable for 9.6 as this requires changing the output of
> pg_stop_backup() with a new field containing the bytes of pg_control.
> I am not sure how others feel about that,

Yeah, I think that is totally different angle to fix this issue, so
don't you think it is better to start a separate thread to discuss
about it for 10.0 and mark this patch as ready for committer.

>>> It is an
>>> annoyance to not be able to ensure that backups are taken while the
>>> master is stopped or if there is no activity that updates relation
>>> pages.
>>> The thing that is really annoying btw is that there will be always a
>>> gap between minRecoveryPoint and the actual moment where a backup
>>> finishes because there is no way to rely on the XLOG_BACKUP_END
>>> record.
>> Sorry, but I am not able to understand what you mean by above.  What
>> kind of relation you are trying to show between minRecoveryPoint and
>> backup finish point?
> When taking a backup from a standby, there is no XLOG_BACKUP_END that
> can be used to determine when a hot standby is open for read-only
> connections.

Okay, may be we can add a comment in code to indicate the same, but
OTOH, it is apparent from code, so not sure if it is worth to add it.

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