Andres Freund <> writes:
> I guess either using valgrind's gdb server on error, or putting some
> asserts checking the size would be best. I can look into it, but it'll
> not be today likely.

I believe the problem is that DecodeUpdate is not on the same page as the
WAL-writing routines about how much data there is for an old_key_tuple.
Specifically, I see this in 9.4's log_heap_update():

        if (old_key_tuple)
            xlhdr_idx.t_len = old_key_tuple->t_len;

            rdata[nr].data = (char *) old_key_tuple->t_data
                + offsetof(HeapTupleHeaderData, t_bits);
            rdata[nr].len = old_key_tuple->t_len
                - offsetof(HeapTupleHeaderData, t_bits);

so that the amount of tuple data that's *actually* in WAL is
offsetof(HeapTupleHeaderData, t_bits) less than what t_len says.
However, over in DecodeUpdate, this is processed with

        xl_heap_header_len xlhdr;

        memcpy(&xlhdr, data, sizeof(xlhdr));
        datalen = xlhdr.t_len + SizeOfHeapHeader;
        DecodeXLogTuple(data, datalen, change->;

and what DecodeXLogTuple does is

    int            datalen = len - SizeOfHeapHeader;
    (so we're back to datalen == xlhdr.t_len)
    memcpy(((char *) tuple->tuple.t_data) + offsetof(HeapTupleHeaderData, 
           data + SizeOfHeapHeader,

so that we are copying offsetof(HeapTupleHeaderData, t_bits) too much
data from the WAL buffer.  Most of the time this doesn't hurt but it's
making valgrind complain, and on a unlucky day we might crash entirely.

I have not looked to see if the bug also exists in > 9.4.  Also, it's
not very clear to me whether other call sites for DecodeXLogTuple might
have related bugs.

                        regards, tom lane

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