I have been playing around with psql's "tab-completion.c" and have 
something approaching a sane solution for tab expansion of
schema names. As this seems to fall under the todo item "Allow psql to do
table completion for SELECT * FROM schema_part and table completion for
SELECT * FROM schema_name" I would like if possible to "claim" this, at 
least for a week or so.

If someone has a working solution already please let me know because
I have got quite involved in the file (there seem to be one or two areas
not directly related to schemas which could be improved as well) and I
wouldn't want to duplicate efforts.

In this respect couple of general questions:
- is there any reason why tab expansion of slash commands is
  only implemented in a few cases? E.g. for \d but not \di ?
. is there any requirement to maintain any kind of backwards
  compatibilty to pre 7.3 clients?
- pg_catalog.pg_table_is_visible() works on non-table relations
  as well, right?

Ian Barwick

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