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> I'm puzzled as to how search_path should be used,.
> Should all references be schema qualified inside functions body ?

​Pretty much...you can also do:

SET search_path TO 'other_schemas_needed_by_this_function'
AS $$

​You don't have to specify the schema the function is going to reside
in...but there is exposure if you don't.​

Or is search_path safe except in the body of functions used in index or
> constraints ?

​pg_dump/pg_restore tends to be very conservative in setting search_path.
I'd say you are safe if you can successfully dump/restore and unsafe if you

​Cross-schema dependencies can be problematic and if you are not willing to
test that your omissions are immaterial I'd say you should take the
paranoid route an schema-prefix everything - either explicitly or by taking
advantage of attribute setting options for functions.

Views, materialized and otherwise, are other areas commonly affected by lax
schema specifications.

David J.

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