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> "Christopher Kings-Lynne" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > Okay, here's one: most Unix systems store all of the configuration
> > > files in a well known directory: /etc.  These days it's a hierarchy of
> > > directories with /etc as the root of the hierarchy.  When an
> > > administrator is looking for configuration files, the first place he's
> > > going to look is in /etc and its subdirectories.
> > No goddammit - /usr/local/etc.  Why can't the Linux community respect
> > history!!!!
> >
> > It is the ONE TRUE PLACE dammit!!!
> Well, to the extent that you're serious, you understand that
> a lot of people feel that /usr/local should be reserved for
> stuff that's installed by the local sysadmin, and your
> vendor/distro isn't supposed to be messing with it.
> Which means if the the vendor installed Postgresql (say, the
> Red Hat Database) you'd expect config files to be in /etc.
> If the postgresql is compiled from source by local admin,
> you might look somewhere in /usr/local.

Then why not ~postgres/etc ??  Or substitute ~postgres with the
db admin user you (or the distro) decided on at installation time.
Gives a common location no matter who installed it or where it was

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