Tom Lane wrote:
mlw <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Here is the test, configure a server, with sendmail, named, apache, and 
PostgreSQL. Tell me which of these systems doesn't configure right.

AFAIK, only one of those four is designed to support multiple instances
running on a single machine.  This is not unrelated.
Also, using an explicit configuration file will also help you run multiple postgresql's on the same machien in a consistent manner, for instance:

postmaster -C /etc/postgres/common.conf -D /RAID0/postgres -p 5432
postmaster -C /etc/postgres/common.conf -D /RAID1/postgres -p 5433

Please, Tom, tell me why this is such a bad idea?

I will make the patch, I will submit it, will you guys put it in?

If not, why?


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