Kyotaro HORIGUCHI <> writes:
>> I noticed that exit_hook_registered variable in start_postmaster() is
>> local variable. Shouldn't it be a static variable?

> Good catch! It is totally useless unless being static.


> But I think it is not necessary to go outside
> start_postmaster. Just being static staying in start_postmaster
> is enough.

I agree, since there's no need for any other function to touch it.
But personally I'd want to visually separate the static variable
from the non-static ones.  So maybe like this:

        char            cmd[MAXPGPATH * 4 + 1000];
        PGconn     *conn;
-       bool            exit_hook_registered = false;
        bool            pg_ctl_return = false;
        char            socket_string[MAXPGPATH + 200];
+       static bool     exit_hook_registered = false;

        if (!exit_hook_registered)

Will push it in a bit.

                        regards, tom lane

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