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> BTW, is there any opposite information, i.e. showing the
> limitation of MySQL comparing with PostgreSQL?
I'm not aware of a general list on the topic, but in reviewing
academic papers regarding transaction isolation I did find (and
confirm) that MySQL InnoDB relaxes the "strict" aspect of the
Strict 2 Phase Locking they use for implementing serializable
transactions.  "For performance reasons" they drop the locks

The way I sum up MySQL vs PG for people that ask is to recount how they "fixed" the Feb. 31st bug when they released strict mode (something that they actually called out in the release PR). With strict mode enabled, Feb. 30th and 31st would give you an error. Feb 35th was still silently converted to March whatever. *That was the MySQL mentality: data quality doesn't matter compared to "ease of use".*

They've done this throughout their history... when presented with a hard problem, they skip around it or plaster over it, and then they promote that their solution is the only right way to solve the problem. (Their docs actually used to say that anything other that table-level locking was a bad idea.)
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