Andreas Seltenreich <> writes:
> the following statement triggers an assertion in tsearch:

> select ts_delete(array_to_tsvector('{smith,smith,smith}'::text[]),  
> '{smith,smith}'::text[]);
> -- TRAP: FailedAssertion("!(k == indices_count)", File: "tsvector_op.c", 
> Line: 511)

Confirmed here.  I notice that the output of array_to_tsvector() is
already fishy in this example:

regression=# select array_to_tsvector('{smith,smith,smith}'::text[]);
 'smith' 'smith' 'smith'
(1 row)

Shouldn't those have been merged together?  You certainly don't get
results like that from other tsvector-producing operations:

regression=# select to_tsvector('smith smith smith');
(1 row)
regression=# select 'smith smith smith'::tsvector;
(1 row)

However, that does not seem to be the proximate cause of the crash
in ts_delete, because this non-duplicated case still crashes:

select ts_delete(array_to_tsvector('{smith,smithx,smithy}'::text[]),  

It kinda looks like you need more than one deletion request for
the first entry in the sorted tsvector, because for example
{smith,foo,toolbox} works but not {smith,too,toolbox}.

I'm thinking there are two distinct bugs here.

                        regards, tom lane

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