On 4/16/16 8:48 AM, Piotr Stefaniak wrote:
> On 2016-04-03 09:24, Piotr Stefaniak wrote:
>> > from running the regression test suite (including TAP tests) and also
>> > sqlsmith, I've got a couple of places where UBSan reported calls to
>> > memcpy() with null pointer passed as either source or destination.
>> >
>> > Patch attached.
> Patch updated.
> Since this time the patch includes fixes for other standard library 
> function calls (memset and bsearch), I'm renaming the patch file to be 
> more generic.

Most of these changes appear to address the case where the size argument
of memcpy() is zero.  I'm not sure why those changes are necessary.  At
least in some cases that I sporadically checked, a zero size does not
lead to a null pointer argument.  We'll need some more details here.

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