> > Actually the problem can be divided into two parts:
> > 1) backend does not process GUC client_encoding. 
> > 2) libpq does not ask the backend's client_encoding, instead it asks
> >    datanbase encoding when it starts up the connection. This is just a
> >    mistake.
> > I think we could fix 1) without any backward compatibilty problem and
> > should be applied to both 7.3-STATBLE and current.
> If we change the backend behavior without changing libpq, aren't we
> breaking things even worse?  As long as libpq behaves as in (2), hadn't
> the backend better init its idea of client_encoding to match
> database_encoding?

Why? No matter how the backend's behavior regarding client_encoding
changes, libpq won't be affected by it since 7.2 and 7.3 libpq does
not use client_encoding anyway.
Tatsuo Ishii

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