src/timezone/README saith

  When there has been a new release of Windows (probably including Service
  Packs), the list of matching timezones need to be updated. Run the
  script in src/tools/ on a Windows machine running this new
  release and apply any new timezones that it detects. Never remove any
  mappings in case they are removed in Windows, since we still need to
  match properly on the old version.

We have certainly not been doing that on a regular basis (as best I can
tell, no such changes have been made since 2010).  Does anybody who uses
Windows want to deal with it?  Or at least do it once so that our Windows
TZ info is less than 5 years out of date?

If we got this done in the next couple weeks, any resulting changes
could go out in 9.6rc1.  Given that we've not done this routinely,
that seems like a better plan than having them first hit the field
in minor releases of stable branches.

                        regards, tom lane

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