On 08/16/2016 12:03 AM, Ildar Musin wrote:
Hi, hackers!

There is a known issue that index only scan (IOS) can only work with
simple index keys based on single attributes and doesn't work with index
expressions. In this patch I propose a solution that adds support of IOS
for index expressions. Here's an example:

create table abc(a int, b int, c int);
create index on abc ((a * 1000 + b), c);

with t1 as (select generate_series(1, 1000) as x),
     t2 as (select generate_series(0, 999) as x)
insert into abc(a, b, c)
    select t1.x, t2.x, t2.x from t1, t2;
vacuum analyze;

Explain results with the patch:

explain (analyze, buffers) select a * 1000 + b + c from abc where a *
1000 + b = 1001;
                                                       QUERY PLAN

 Index Only Scan using abc_expr_c_idx on abc  (cost=0.42..4.45 rows=1
width=4) (actual time=0.032..0.033 rows=1 loops=1)
   Index Cond: ((((a * 1000) + b)) = 1001)
   Heap Fetches: 0
   Buffers: shared hit=4
 Planning time: 0.184 ms
 Execution time: 0.077 ms
(6 rows)

Before the patch it was:

explain (analyze, buffers) select a * 1000 + b + c from abc where a *
1000 + b = 1001;
                                                     QUERY PLAN

 Index Scan using abc_expr_c_idx on abc  (cost=0.42..8.45 rows=1
width=4) (actual time=0.039..0.041 rows=1 loops=1)
   Index Cond: (((a * 1000) + b) = 1001)
   Buffers: shared hit=4
 Planning time: 0.177 ms
 Execution time: 0.088 ms
(5 rows)

Nice! I've only quickly skimmed through the diff, but it seems sane. Please add the patch to the 2016-09 CF, though.

This solution has limitations though: the restriction or the target
expression tree (or its part) must match exactly the index. E.g. this
expression will pass the check:

select a * 1000 + b + 100 from ...

but this will fail:

select 100 + a * 1000 + b from ...

because the parser groups it as:

(100 + a * 1000) + b

In this form it won't match any index key. Another case is when we
create index on (a+b) and then make query like 'select b+a ...' or '...
where b+a = smth' -- it won't match. This applies to regular index scan
too. Probably it worth to discuss the way to normalize index expressions
and clauses and work out more convenient way to match them.
Anyway, I will be grateful if you take a look at the patch in
attachment. Any comments and tips are welcome.

I don't think it's a major limitation - it's quite similar to the limitation for partial indexes, i.e. with an index defined like

CREATE INDEX ON abc (c) WHERE a + b = 1000;

the index will not be used unless the query expression matches exactly. So for example this won't work:

SELECT c FROM abc WHERE b + a = 1000;

because the variables are in the opposite order. Moreover, in the target list it might be possible to use explicit parentheses to make it work, no? That is, will this work?

select 100 + (a * 1000 + b) from ...

Or will it still break the IOS?


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