> I think it makes sense to keep calling it a table because it has all the
> logical properties of a table even though it will differ from a regular
> table on the basis of physical implementation details such as that it does
> not own physical storage.  Am I missing something?
> >
> > +      <entry><structfield>partexprs</structfield></entry>
> >
> > There's a certain symmetry between this and what we do for indexes,
> > but I'm wondering whether there's a use case for partitioning a table
> > by an expression rather than a column value.  I suppose if you've
> > already done the work, there's no harm in supporting it.
> Yeah, it's not a whole lot of code to manage expressions alongside simple
> column references.

Users who would like to partition their tables by "age" will partition
those by the month or year extracted out of a date column e.g. order_date.
They will find it convenient to use an expression (extract(month from
date)) as a partition key, instead of storing month or year as a separate

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