Christoph Haller wrote:
> No, I'm not sure at all about a loose-cannon script running around
> issuing ipcrm commands.
> I have to ask the other staff members what scripts are running.
> I already had a suspicion that something like an ipcrm command is
> causing this,
> but it was denied. Now, with your support they probably will believe me.

If you want to track it down and the people on your staff don't
already know what's going on, you can move the ipcrm binary out of the
way (to, say, ipcrm.bin) and replace it with a shell script that looks
something like this:

    (echo "ipcrm called with the following arguments:"
    for i in "$@" do echo "$i" ; done
    echo "Current programs running:"
    ps -elf) >/tmp/ipcrm.out.$$
    exec "$0".bin "$@"

Then just look for /tmp/ipcrm.out.* files and examine their contents.
(I think I got the arguments to ps right.  It's been so long since
I've had to mess with a SysVr4 style system that I'm not sure
anymore.  If it's a BSD-style ps then the arguments should be -auxww).

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