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> I think that the best thing about C++ is the ability to encapsulate and
> simplify some aspects of resource management quite well, which necessitates
> reimplementing PG_TRY/CATCH. The worst thing about C++ is that ABI
> compatibility is far messier. This makes a C++ port seem less compelling
> to me than the idea first appears.

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> Further, it's not as if C++ is particularly newer than C.  C is about 45
> years old; C++, at 33, hardly seems like a "spry young whippersnapper"
> whose inclusion ought to lead to vast excitement.
> The would-be "spry young things" that head to my mind are Rust and Go.  I'm
> not sure it's terribly plausible to have parts of Postgres written in both
> C and (Rust|Go); they're different enough that I'm not sure what
> functionality would mix sensibly.  But I think that would be more
> interesting, all the same.  Perhaps it would work out well to be able to
> create background workers in Rust, or to implement a stored procedure
> language in Go.

First, I'm neither for nor against rewriting PostgreSQL in C++.  But I wonder 
whether it would really pay for the cost.  I'm worried about these, for example:

* Wouldn't it increase the coding and testing burdon?  Coding and testing in C, 
and coding and testing in C++.  PostgreSQL seem to have many features to 
develop, and I'm not sure C++ will help to speed up the development of them.

* Would it really attract more developers of PostgreSQL itself, not extensions? 
 FYI, Tiobe Index says C is nearly twice as popular as C++.

* Wouldn't it distance some developers if they don't want to learn C++?  As 
Christopher said, C++ is old and there are many newer languages that attract 
developers -- C#, Swift, Go, Java, JavaScript, etc.  I wonder whether recent 
developers want to spend time in learning complex C++ now.  I learned C++ 
because it is still the most popular language in game development, but maybe I 
would not want to learn C++ anymore if I didn't know C++.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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