> > From my particular perspective it would be enough if all the
> internal
> > headers (that one needs to use in writing server-side extensions)
> were
> > completely usable in C++.
> That should already be the case.  There's even a dirty hack^WWscript
> that checks that that remains the case
> (src/tools/pginclude/cpluspluscheck).

The source code for my project is here:

I was not able to get this file to compile correctly in C++, and my
recollection is that at the time I asked on this list and that was the

Sorry, I don't remember the error but it seemed to be too deeply embedded to
worry about. I just wrote the C code and moved on.

Since the Windows COM in the other part is C++ only, I finished up with a
mixed build. It works fine, but is not the ideal outcome.

David M Bennett FACS

Andl - A New Database Language - andl.org

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