Tom Lane wrote:

mlw <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

If no hba_conf and/or ident_conf setting is specified, the default
$PGDATA/pg_hba.conf and/or $PGDATA/pg_ident.conf will be used.

Doesn't anybody see the (a) inconsistency and (b) uselessness of this?
If you are trying to keep your config files out of the data directory,
it's hardly sensible to default to finding two out of three there.

We should have a -C that specifies a *directory*, and all three config
files should be sought therein.  The argument that that somehow forces
people to use symlinks doesn't convince me at all.

But I've grown tired of arguing, because it's clear that I'm making no
impact whatever :-(.  I'm done with this thread.

Tom, I don't know why you are arguing at all. One thing I wish to impress on you, I think it is a point of view you are missing. It isn't about something being "easier" as much as it is about being flexable enough to fit into the deployment strategy of the admin or vendor.

Sometimes you make things more difficult when you make it more standardized. When I setup a system with Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL, named, et al, I am always just irritated that PostgreSQL's configuration parameters can not be stored with all the others. I usually make one install tarball or zip that contains all the binaries and configuration. I can't do that with PostgreSQL.

I don't like the idea of specifying a directory, per se' because if you have multiple database installations, how would you share the configuration without symlinks?

I will modify my patch to check if the configuration parameter is a directory. If it is, it will make the default filenames within the directory and post it when it is gone.

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