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> I recently moved a mybb forum away from mysql to postgres.  Along the way
> I encountered a couple of things that either didn't seem to be supported or
> I'm just not doing it right. First, the server this is on is running
> version 8.4.22
8.4 is end-of-life, so it's time to move.

FYI, this isn't really the right place for these questions; pgsql-general
or Stack Overflow is more appropriate for topics not relating to PostgreSQL
code and design.

#1 Are joins supported in deletes?  The same join syntax works fine as
> a select.

Yes, but the syntax is a bit different and you can't use aliases on the
target table. You can also (unfortunately) only do inner joins.

> #2 is extract supported in a select statement dealing with a table?  To
> explain this one, here is the error I get:

If 'dateline' is an integer, you'll have to turn it into a timestamp or
date before you can extract the epoch.

> # select extract(epoch from timestamp dateline::timestamp) from
> mybb_adminlog limit 1;

You can't use the typed-literal syntax

TIMESTAMP 'something'

for a column reference, bind-parameter, etc. You can only use it for
literals. Use a CAST or the PostgreSQL :: shorthand. Just remove the
"timestamp" from "FROM timestamp".

Doesn't matter if I use epoch or day or anything else, they all fail with
> the same error.  And yes, dateline is a timestamp.

No, it isn't. The error message says so.

Please use pgsql-general or Stack Overflow.

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