"David G. Johnston" <david.g.johns...@gmail.com> writes:
> I didn't compile either patch but given the scope and complexity I'd say it
> is ready for committer without that confirmed.  Tom usually touches the
> regexp code and I'm pretty sure he'll look at this with an eye no one else
> has.  Though I wouldn't expect anything until work on 10 begins in earnest.

Pushed with some cosmetic adjustments to the code and rather more
extensive work on the documentation.

I did *not* push the hunk in citext.sgml, since that was alleging support
that doesn't actually exist in this patch.  To make this work for citext,
we need to add wrapper functions similar to citext's wrappers for
regexp_matches.  And that in turn means a citext extension version bump,
which makes it more notationally tedious than I felt like dealing with
today.  I'm bouncing that requirement back to you to produce a separate
patch for.

                        regards, tom lane

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