On 2016-08-17 16:58:49 -0700, Peter Geoghegan wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 4:28 PM, Andres Freund <and...@anarazel.de> wrote:
> > Could you also provide a strace -ttt -T -c and a cpu cycles flamegraph?
> Here is the output from that strace invocation, plus a -p (to attach
> to the relevant backend):
> strace: -t has no effect with -c
> strace: -T has no effect with -c

Ugh, swapped -c and -C, sorry.

> This doesn't seem that interesting, but not sure what you're looking for.

I'd like to know the amount of time spent in various syscalls, and how
much that varies.

> I also attach cycles flamegraph.



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