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> Would it be possible to create some sort of transparent API based on
> ODBC to be used with PostgreSQL and Oracle? I know there exists a
> JDBC - ODBC bridge for java.

If you wrote your application exclusively using JDBC using functions
existing in both PostgreSQL and Oracle, you'd certainly have a "lowest
common denominator" that would satisfy this requirement.

You would be taking advantage neither of PostgreSQL's strengths nor of
Oracle's strengths, which is considerably wasteful on both sides of
the coin.

You would have to design your application so that it does not use
either system's stored procedure systems, because they are not totally

You would have to ensure that your access patterns were concurrently
compatible with Oracle rollback buffers and PostgreSQL MVCC.

At the end of all this, you more than likely have an application that
will perform questionably in both places...
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