> >
> > I was wondering what kind of functions/constants exist in Postgre to
> up
> > metadata. I barely scratched the surface of Oracle but I know you
> > things like user_tables there that can be used to extract info about
> > tables. What I'm looking for is some kind of functions to extract
> > names, possibly data types, etc. And by that I don't mean console
> commands,
> > sql statements that will do the job with tcp/ip.
> >
> > Moreover, are there any ANSI standards for this kind of thing? Or
each one
> > to his own?
> >
Refer to the System Catalogs chapter within the Developer's Guide
of the documentation. In addition, if you start a psql session with the
-E option,
you will see how all these \d commands are generated.
I would love to hear there is a standard about system catalogs, but I've
never heard
of one and I doubt there will be one ever in the future.

Regards, Christoph

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