On 2016-08-19 23:55, Tom Lane wrote:
> I think you are failing to understand Heikki's point.  There is no way
> we are committing the change depicted above, because (1) it will mask more
> bugs than it fixes; (2) it's an enormously expensive way to fix anything;
> and (3) it will effectively disable valgrind testing for missed
> initializations.

I wasn't disagreeing with Heikki, I was trying to show that while 
Aleksander's patch may be useless and perhaps harmful if committed, it 
is not useless in a larger perspective as it has made people look into 
an issue.

And I did that simply because I have more changes of that kind that may 
end up being deemed as useless for committing, but I want to share them 
with -hackers anyway.

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