On 19 August 2016 at 14:17, Tatsuo Ishii <is...@sraoss.co.jp> wrote:

> I would like to proppse to export these functions in libpq.
> pqPutMsgStart
> pqPutMsgEnd
> pqPutc
> pqPuts
> pqPutInt
> pqPutnchar
> pqFlush
> pqHandleSendFailure
> I think this would be useful to create a tool/library which needs to
> handle frontend/backend protocol messages in detail.

Shouldn't that generally be done by extending libpq to add the required

If you're extending the server-side protocol and want to handle new message
types, you're presumably able to extend libpq too. If you're not extending
the server-side protocol, what is it that you want to do but cannot
currently do with libpq? Is there a reaonable way to add that to libpq?

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