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Tatsuo Ishii <is...@sraoss.co.jp> wrote:

> Just out of curiopusity, I wonder why we can't make the encoding of
> SGML docs to be UTF-8, rather than current ISO-8859-1.

What a reason of "make the encoding of sgml docs" to be something?
What actual change should be made and what problems it would solve?

There are various translations of postgreSQL docs, and they use various
encodings. Translated versions of docs on http://postgresql.org/docs
are just links to external sites where translations are maintained. 

English documentation uses ISO-8859-1 (actually ASCII),
Russian uses UTF-8 (you can download our source tarball from
http://repo.postgrespro.ru/pgpro-9.5/src and see postgres source
distribution with UTF-8 sgmls inside). 

Japanese documentation in HTML form is served from
in utf-8 too.

I.e. everybody who need utf-8 to represent translation of
documentation, already uses it.

What exatly you proposes do be done?

Really, what change we need, it is conversion from SGML to XML format. 
It would solve some real problems, such as ability to include diagrams
in the docs, and also let everyone to explicitely specify encoding in
XML declaration (and probably cause switch to UTF-8 as side effect,
because most XML-based tools use UTF-8 as default).

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