I use a version control system called StORE which uses a relational
database as it's back end.  I use StORE with PostgreSQL, others use it
with DB2, Oracle, etc ....

I mention StORE here because it struck me that it may be a useful source
of real-world information about how PostgreSQL performs relative to
other DBMSs.  StORE databases all use the same Schema, and some are
replicated such that they contain the same data too.

PostgreSQL is the most popular database for StORE users, and is used for
a central Smalltalk community repository (StORE is a Smalltalk specific
version control system).  The public StORE repository is accessed across
the Internet by people with Modems, WiFi, T1 and LAN connections.

There have been a number of people comment on how PostgreSQL performs as
a StORE repository - some good comments, some not so good.  Either way,
given the varied use of StORE, the feedback may yield valuable

The place to look for feedback from StORE users is the news group
comp.lang.smalltalk.  For example:

I hope this is useful.

All the best,

BTW, I wrote the PostgreSQL driver for VisualWorks Smalltalk which is
how all StORE + PostgreSQL users access their databases.

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