Hello, gurus,

I faced incorrect checksum on "global/pg_filenode.map" at the right timing 
"VACUUM FULL" is executed and session was aborted.

Aug 16 20:51:19 postgres[22329]: [2-1] FATAL:  relation mapping file 
"global/pg_filenode.map" contains incorrect checksum

Aug 16 20:51:19 postgres[22329]: [2-2] STATEMENT:  SELECT 
id,readbm,writebm,survbm,timeout FROM Users WHERE username='packetlogicd' AND 

I'm reading the comment in src/backend/utils/cache/relmapper.c .

Therefore mapped catalogs can only be relocated by operations such as VACUUM 
FULL and CLUSTER, which make no transactionally-significant changes: it must be 
safe for the new file to replace the old, even if the transaction itself aborts.

Does this comment mean it's expected to get this kind of checksum error if the 
timing is really bad?


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