* Robert Haas ( wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 9:48 AM, Stephen Frost <> wrote:
> > * Robert Haas ( wrote:
> >> Meanwhile, we'll significantly help people who are currently
> >> generating painfully large but not totally insane numbers of WAL
> >> segments.  Someone who is currently generating 32,768 WAL segments per
> >> day - about one every 2.6 seconds - will have a significantly easier
> >> time if they start generating 8,192 WAL segments per day - about one
> >> every 10.5 seconds - instead.  It's just much easier for a reasonably
> >> simple archive command to keep up, "ls" doesn't have as many directory
> >> entries to sort, etc.
> >
> > I'm generally on-board with increasing the WAL segment size, and I can
> > see the point that we might want to make it more easily configurable as
> > it's valuable to set it differently on a small database vs. a large
> > database, but I take exception with the notion that a "simple archive
> > command" is ever appropriate.
> My point wasn't really that archive_command should actually be simple.
> My point was that if it's being run multiple times per second, there
> are additional challenges that wouldn't arise if it were being run
> only every 5-10 seconds.

My point was that the concerns about TCP/ssh startup costs, which was
part of your point #1 in your initial justification for the change,
have been addressed through tooling.

> I guess I should have said "simpler" rather than "reasonably simple",
> because there's nothing simple about setting archive_command properly.


> I mean, it could only actually be simple if somebody had a good a
> backup tool that provided an archive_command that you could just drop
> in place.  But I'm sure if somebody had such a tool, they'd take every
> opportunity to bring it up, so we doubtless would have heard about it
> by now.  Right?  :-)

Thankfully there's actually multiple good open source and freely
available tools that address this issue (albeit, through different



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