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> * Venkata B Nagothi (nag1...@gmail.com) wrote:
> > *Query 1*
> >
> > What about the existing parameter called "recovery_target" which accepts
> > only one value "immediate", which will be similar to the "promote" option
> > with the to-be-introduced new parameter.
> > Since this parameter's behaviour will be incorporated into the new
> > parameter, I think, this parameter can be deprecated from the next
> > PostgreSQL version ?
> I don't think we can really consider that without having a good answer
> for what the "new parameter" is, in particular...

Sure. I Agree.

> > *Query 2*
> >
> > I am thinking that the new parameter name should be
> > "recovery_target_incomplete" or "recovery_target_incomplete_action"
> which
> > (by name) suggests that recovery target point is not yet reached and
> > accepts options "pause","promote" and "shutdown".
> >
> > The other alternative name i thought of was -
> > "recovery_target_immediate_action", which (by name) suggests the action
> to
> > be taken when the recovery does not reach the actual set recovery target
> > and reaches immediate consistent point.
> I don't really care for any of those names.  Note that "immediate" and
> "the point at which we realize that we didn't find the recovery target"
> are *not* necessairly the same.  Whatever we do here needs to also cover
> the 'recovery_target_name' option, where we're only going to realize
> that we didn't find the restore point when we reach the end of the WAL
> stream.

Yes, all the recovery targets (including recovery_target_name) will be
taken into consideration.
The whole idea about this patch is to ensure PG realises that the recovery
is incomplete if the specified recovery target point is not found at the
end of the WAL stream.

> I'm not a fan of the "recovery_target" option, particularly as it's only
> got one value even though it can mean two things (either "immediate" or
> "not set"), but we need a complete solution before we can consider
> deprecating it.  Further, we could consider making it an alias for
> whatever better name we come up with.

The new parameter will accept options : "pause", "shutdown" and "promote"


This option will ensure database starts up once the "immediate" consistent
recovery point is reached even if it is well before the mentioned recovery
target point (XID, Name or time).
This behaviour will be similar to that of recovery_target="immediate" and
can be aliased.


This option ensures database recovery pauses if any of the specified
recovery target ("XID", "Name" or "time") is not reached. So that WAL
replay can be resumed if required.


This option ensures database shuts down if any of the mentioned recovery
target points (XID, Name or time) is not reached.

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