Aleksander Alekseev <> writes:
>> if (prodesc->user_proname == NULL || prodesc->internal_proname == NULL)
>> + {
>> +    free(prodesc);

> I think that prodesc->user_proname and prodesc->internal_proname should
> also be freed if they are not NULL's.

Hmm, this is kind of putting lipstick on a pig, isn't it?  That code
is still prone to leakage further down, because it calls stuff like
SearchSysCache which is entirely capable of throwing elog(ERROR).

If we're going to touch compile_pltcl_function at all, I'd vote for

(1) changing these malloc calls to MemoryContextAlloc(TopMemoryContext,...

(2) putting the cleanup into a PG_CATCH block, and removing all the
retail free() calls that are there now.

                        regards, tom lane

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