Michael Paquier <michael.paqu...@gmail.com> writes:
> [ malloc-nulls-v5.patch ]

I've committed some form of all of these changes except the one in
adt/pg_locale.c.  I'm not entirely sure whether we need to do anything
about that at all, but if we do, this doesn't cut it:

     thousands_sep = db_encoding_strdup(encoding, extlconv->thousands_sep);
     grouping = strdup(extlconv->grouping);
+    if (!grouping)
+        elog(ERROR, "out of memory");
 #ifdef WIN32
     /* use monetary to set the ctype */
     setlocale(LC_CTYPE, locale_monetary);

There are multiple things wrong with that:

1. The db_encoding_strdup calls can also return NULL on OOM, and aren't
being checked likewise.  (And there's another plain strdup further down,

2. You can't safely throw an elog right there, because you need to restore
the backend's prevailing setlocale state first.

3. Also, if you do it like that, you'll leak whatever strings were already
strdup'd.  (This is a relatively minor problem, but still, if we're
trying to be 100% correct then we're not there yet.)

Also, now that I'm looking at it, I see there's another pre-existing bug:

4. An elog exit is possible, due to either OOM or encoding conversion
failure, inside db_encoding_strdup().  This means we have problems #2 and
#3 even in the existing code.

Now, I believe that the coding intention here was that assigning NULL
to the respective fields of CurrentLocaleConv is okay and better than
failing the operation completely.  One argument against that is that
it's unclear whether everyplace that uses any of those fields is checking
for NULL first; and in any case, silently falling back to nonlocalized
behavior might not be better than reporting OOM.  Still, it's certainly
better than risking problem #2, which could cause all sorts of subsequent

I think that a complete fix for this might go along the lines of

1. While we are setlocale'd to the nonstandard locales, collect all the
values by strdup'ing into a local variable of type "struct lconv".
(We must strdup for the reason noted in the comment, that localeconv's
output is no longer valid once we do another setlocale.)  Then restore
the standard locale settings.

2. Use db_encoding_strdup to replace any strings that need to be
converted.  (If it throws an elog, we have no damage worse than
leaking the already strdup'd strings.)

3. Check for any nulls in the struct; if so, use free_struct_lconv
to release whatever we did get, and then throw elog("out of memory").

4. Otherwise, copy the struct to CurrentLocaleConv.

If we were really feeling picky, we could probably put in a PG_TRY
block around step 2 to release the strdup'd storage after a conversion
failure.  Not sure if it's worth the trouble.

BTW, I marked the commitfest entry closed, but that may have been
premature --- feel free to reopen it if you submit additional patches
in this thread.

                        regards, tom lane

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