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On 31 August 2016 at 11:52, Andrea Adami <f...@fulcro.net> wrote:
> Thnaks Dean, i did further investigations:
> i set the owner of the view to: "mana...@scuola247.it" with:
> ALTER TABLE public.policy_view OWNER TO "mana...@scuola247.it";
> and i thinking to see from the select:
> select * from policy_view
> the rows: 1,2,3
> then
> set role 'mana...@scuola247.it';
> select * from policy_view;
> return rows 1,2,3 as expected but:
> set role 'teac...@scuola247.it';
> select * from policy_view;
> returns rows 4,5 and
> set role 'postgres'
> select * from policy_view
> return nothing ...
> what you thinking about ?
> Andrea

That's correct. With the table owned by postgres and the view owned by
"mana...@scuola247.it", access to the table via the view is subject to
the policies that apply to "mana...@scuola247.it". So regardless of
who the current user is, when selecting from the view, the policy
"standard" will be applied, and that will limit the visible rows to
those for which usr = current_user.


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