On 8/23/16 5:22 PM, Stephen Frost wrote:
> Now that we track initial privileges on extension objects and changes to
> those permissions, we can drop the superuser() checks from the various
> functions which are part of the pgstattuple extension.
> Since a pg_upgrade will preserve the version of the extension which
> existed prior to the upgrade, we can't simply modify the existing
> functions but instead need to create new functions which remove the
> checks and update the SQL-level functions to use the new functions

I think this is a good change to pursue, and we'll likely want to do
more similar changes in contrib.  But I'm worried that what is logically
a 10-line change will end up a 20 KiB patch every time.

Have we explored other options for addressing the upgrade problems?
Maybe the function could check that non-default privileges have been

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