On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Kevin Brown wrote:

> Tom Lane wrote:
> >     UPDATE totals SET
> >       xmax = ss.xmax, xmin = ss.xmin, ...
> >     FROM
> >       (SELECT groupid, max(x) AS xmax, ... FROM details GROUP BY groupid) ss
> >     WHERE groupid = ss.groupid;
> As long as any individual item that you can express in the
> parenthesized (Informix) syntax can also be expressed as an element in
> a SELECT, then the above is equivalent in every way to the Informix
> syntax.  And since SELECT allows subselects, it seems to me that the
> PG syntax is complete.
> My question is whether or not there's likely to be an approved
> standard way of accomplishing what either syntax does.  Is there
> anything in the current draft that addresses this?

Yes there is.  I've posted the URL on the hackers list a while back, but 
here it is again:


pp 851 to 862, in particular, p 858 defines the the <set clause list> as 
supporting <multiple column assignment> as supporting something like:

(target1, target2, target3) = (value1, value2, value3)

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