So I'm reading Sun's _Configuring & Tuning Databases on the Solaris Platform_ book (ISBN: 0-13-083417-3). One of the first things mentioned in the book is that UFS is, well, slow. Especially because of how Solaris utilizes it. The authors contend that enabling directio(3C) can increase performance substantially. It can lead to problems with filesystems where strange things are done with files. Since databases tend to manage their files very well to begin with, the authors say this isn't normally a problem.

I searched the web for it, but all I found was some references to Zend. Additionally, I grepped through source only to realize that "direction" is used a lot. So I used the following find :

[goro:~/postgresql-7.3.1] alex% find . -type f -exec egrep -il 'directio[^Nn]' {} \;

And also didn't find anything. The manpage for directio (Solaris 9) is here:

I haven't gotten my ultrasparc database server up yet, so I can't run any benchmarks against this. Is it possible somebody with some spare time could mount a filesystem with directio forced (forcedirectio) and run some benchmarks on a Solaris/UFS database?


alex avriette, unix geek for hire

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