On 8/31/16 4:10 AM, Michael Banck wrote:
> attached is a small patch that adds an -N option to pg_restore, in order
> to exclude a schema, in addition to -n for the restriction to a schema.

I think this is a good idea, and the approach looks sound.  However,
something doesn't work right.  If I take an empty database and dump it,
it will dump the plpgsql extension.  If I run pg_dump in plain-text mode
with -N, then the plpgsql extension is also dumped (since it is not in
the excluded schema).  But if I use the new pg_restore -N option, the
plpgsql extension is not dumped.  Maybe this is because it doesn't have
a schema, but I haven't checked.

pg_dump does not apply --strict-names to -N, but your patch for
pg_restore does that.  I think that should be made the same as pg_dump.

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