Hello Tom,

Apologies for delayed reply.

Our setup is a hot-standby architecture. This crash is occurring only on 
stand-by node. Postgres continues to run without any issues on active node.
Postmaster is waiting for a start and is throwing this message.

Aug 22 11:44:21.462555 info node-0 postgres[8222]: [1-2] HINT:  Is another 
postmaster already running on port 5433? If not, wait a few seconds and retry.  
Aug 22 11:44:52.065760 crit node-1 postgres[8629]: [18-1] err-3:  
btree_xlog_delete_get_latestRemovedXid: cannot operate with inconsistent 
dataAug 22 11:44:52.065971 crit CFPU-1 postgres[8629]: [18-2] CONTEXT:  xlog 
redo delete: index 1663/16386/17378; iblk 1, heap 1663/16386/16518;
Aug 22 11:44:52.085486 info node-1 coredumper: Generating core file 

The standby postgres recovers automatically on next restart. This is because we 
always copy db freshly from active node on restart.

We implemented one patch to force kill walsender on active side. This is done 
to avoid prolonged wait if standby node is not reachable (for eg. Force power 
off or LAN cable removal). This implementation exists from long time. However 
the issue only recently observed after upgrading to 9.3.11. Do you think this 
force kill of walsender might lead to such issues in latest postgres?


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"K S, Sandhya (Nokia - IN/Bangalore)" <sandhya....@nokia.com> writes:
> During the server restart, we are getting postgres crash with sigabrt. No 
> other operation being performed.
> Attached the backtrace.

What shows up in the postmaster log?

> The occurrence is occasional. The issue is seen once in 30~50 times.

Does it successfully restart if you try again?  If not, what are you
doing to recover?

                        regards, tom lane

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