Re: Simon Riggs 2016-09-03 
> pg_hba_file_settings seems a clumsy name. I'd prefer pg_hba_settings,
> since that name could live longer than the concept of pg_hba.conf,
> which seems likely to become part of ALTER SYSTEM in future, so we
> wouldn't really want the word "file" in there.

IMHO "settings" is wrong here. "pg_file_settings" means "settings in
config file (that might not been applied yet)". The contents of
pg_hba.conf are not config settings, but there doesn't appear to be a
standard name for them - 19.1 calls them "records".

Given that the patch seems to report what's on disk, "pg_hba_file"
seems a good name to me. Even if ALTER SYSTEM should become able to
update the file, it'd still be a file. (If it were the actual running
config, I'd go for "pg_hba_rules".)


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