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> > But what I'm wondering is why PostgreSQL doesn't support SJIS.  Was there
> any technical difficulty?  Is there anything you are worried about if adding
> Yes, there's a technical difficulty with backend code. In many places it
> is assumed that any string is "ASCII compatible", which means no ASCII
> character is used as a part of multi byte string. Here is such a random
> example from src/backend/util/adt/varlena.c:
>       /* Else, it's the traditional escaped style */
>       for (bc = 0, tp = inputText; *tp != '\0'; bc++)
>       {
>               if (tp[0] != '\\')
>                       tp++;
> Sometimes SJIS uses '\' as the second byte of it.

Thanks, I'll try to understand the seriousness of the problem as I don't have 
good knowledge of character sets.  But your example seems to be telling 
everything about the difficulty...

Before digging into the problem, could you share your impression on whether 
PostgreSQL can support SJIS?  Would it be hopeless?  Can't we find any 
direction to go?  Can I find relevant source code by searching specific words 
like "ASCII", "HIGH_BIT", "\\" etc?

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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