Oliver Elphick wrote:

On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 02:43, mlw wrote:

PostgreSQL Extended Configuration Patch


--- Run-time process ID ---
postmaster -R /var/run/postmaster.pid

This will direct PostgreSQL to write its process ID number
to a file, /var/run/postgresql.conf

--- postgresql.conf options ---


The "-R" option on the command line overrides the
"runtime_pidfile" in the configuration file.

I raised the possibility of moving the pid file only last week. Tom pointed out that it acts as a lock on the database to prevent two postmasters' trying to manage the same database. As such it should NOT be a configurable parameter.

This is a different PID file. Sorry, this one is specifically for FHS systems. The postmaster.pid file, as used by PostgreSQL remains in the data directory.

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