Hi all

Now that it's becoming more common to post patch series, not just
standalone patches, it might be worth looking at how the CF app can
help manage them.

Any ideas? Especially since the patch series may not get committed all
in one go, but progressively rebased on top of the bits that did get
committed until it's all in?

Making one CF app entry for this doesn't work well. It's confusing,
spammy in terms of number of entries involved, confusing for potential
reviewers, and pretty useless unless each patch is independent of all
the others. In which case they shouldn't be a series in the first

A "partly committed" status doesn't help much; it doesn't signal
whether the rest is waiting for author response, awaiting review after
revision, etc.

So far I've just not been flagging it committed at all until
everything is. Or creating new CF entries that are immediately set to
"committed" for each part that goes in. But neither seems ideal.


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