Dave Cramer writes:

> update table set (col...) = ( val...)

> It would appear that this is SQL3 compliant
> <set clause> ::=
>  <update target> <equals operator> <row value designator>
> <update target> ::=
>  <object column>
>  | <left paren> <object column list> <right paren>

That's not what my copy says.

         <set clause list> ::=
              <set clause> [ { <comma> <set clause> }... ]

         <set clause> ::=
                <update target> <equals operator> <update source>
              | <mutated set clause> <equals operator> <update source>

         <update target> ::=
                <object column>
              | ROW
              | <object column>
                  <left bracket or trigraph> <simple value specification> <right 
bracket or trigraph>

         <object column> ::= <column name>

         <mutated set clause> ::=
              <mutated target> <period> <method name>

         <mutated target> ::=
                <object column>
              | <mutated set clause>

         <update source> ::=
                <value expression>
              | <contextually typed value specification>

(And I'm pretty sure I have the right version of the standard.)

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