> libxml2 and our XPATH function doesn't support default namespace (
> http://plasmasturm.org/log/259/ ). This is pretty useful feature - so I
> implemented. This is the mayor issue of libxml2 library. Another difference
> between XPATH function and XMLTABLE function is using two phase searching
> and implicit prefix "./" and suffix ("/text()") in XMLTABLE. XMLTABLE using
> two XPATH expressions - for row data cutting and next for column data
> cutting (from row data). The our XPATH functions is pretty simple mapped to
> libxml2 XPATH API. But it is not possible with XMLTABLE function - due
> design of this function in standard (it is more user friendly and doesn't
> require exactly correct xpath expressions).

libxm2 doesn't support xpath 2.0  where default namespace was introduced.

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